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COHAS members treat all kinds of headache disorders. A short list includes:

Primary Headaches: including migraine, cluster headache, new daily persistent headache, etc.

The vast majority of headaches for which the patients seek medical care are primary headaches, meaning that no cause is identified. Migraine is the most common primary type of headache found in patients seen in outpatient clinics. Migraine is a disorder of the brain, with involvement of the blood vessels, nerves and other pain sensitive structures. It is uncertain what causes the cascade of events in the brain that eventually leads to migraine pain and associated symptoms. People who experience migraine headaches tend to have a lower threshold for activation of pain pathways compared to other individuals. These biological differences are often inherited

Secondary Headaches: where headache is caused by an underlying disorder, i.e. head trauma, high or low spinal fluid pressure, infection, cervical spine, sinuses, etc.

A specific (secondary) cause of headaches can be found and eliminated in only a small percentage of patients who suffer from headaches. It is a critical part of our job as healthcare providers treating headache disorders, is to identify the secondary causes of head or face pains. To obtain the best outcomes for patients, COHAS members bring together top expertise and the state-of-the art resources to appropriately treat underlying causes of patients’ symptoms.

Face pain and other neuralgias

Includes trigeminal neuralgia, occipital neuralgia, burning mouth syndrome, etc. Sometimes the treatment of neuralgias that are resistant to medications require invasive interventions, for which specific neurosurgical expertise is required.

Q How can I get in contact with the appropriate healthcare provider for my headache complaints?

A You can look at the list of our members and their practices, where you can find various specialists with exceptional expertise, who can tailor your management plan according to your needs.

QWhat do I need to do to prepare for my visit with a headache provider?

AAccurate and comprehensive medical and headache histories, provided by patients, are a vital part of optimal care. Structured questionnaires can help patients think through their symptoms, identify headache causes and review various medications or treatments that have been tried previously or are currently in use, with or without effectiveness or relief. Various practices have preferred intake questionnaires and their completions prior to the visit is essential. Documentations of prior visits with other doctors as well as tests performed, including brain imaging, if applicable will make your visit more productive.

Goals of care

We encourage those who suffer from headaches to stay connected with his/her specific life goals that are defined by one’s own values and needs, and not by headache pain. We are strongly committed to an active partnership with each patient to achieve his/her goals and remain functional.

You may wish to explore the websites of some of our affiliate and other neurological organizations on our Resources page. Please visit our Members page to explore the expertise and offerings of our members.

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