The Colorado Headache Society (COHAS) represents a group of Colorado healthcare providers and other professionals committed to the care for patients with headache disorders living in or visiting the state of Colorado. We are of diverse backgrounds, with academic or private practices, and strive to promote high levels of care, education and science for headache disorders in our community. We are:

  • committed to care for patients with headache disorders living in/visiting Colorado;
  • of diverse backgrounds;
  • with academic or private practices;
  • striving to promote education and science for headache disorders;
  • willing to collaborate with colleagues locally and nationally.

COHAS members agree to strive towards a set of collective goals:

  • Improve headache care for patients in Colorado;
  • Create education opportunities for patients and providers;
  • Provide resources;
  • Connect with each other and encourage everyone’s wellness;
  • Develop a forum to exchange ideas;
  • Advocate for headache disorders;
  • Participate in headache research.

Members treat all kinds of headache disorders. Anyone who has interest and expertise in Headache Medicine may join. Patients with headache disorders and migraine deserve the best!

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